Privacy policies

Policies regarding privacy

INCALPACA TPX S.A. is a company which values and respects the privacy of its client. It  is  legally constituted and registered in Peru with RUC N°20100226913 and has its registered office in Calle Cóndor  100 , Urb. Tahuaycani, District of Sachaca, Province and Department of Arequipa.

The processing of personal information collected through the Platform is  responsibility of the Company, and is subject to Law No. 29733 - Personal Data Protection Act - and other applicable rules or regulations. The purposes for which this data will be used are limited to the processing of purchase orders and communication with the Customer, so that the Company  can quickly address any concerns or provide the Client  with information regarding the brand that may be of interest to him/her.

Information gathered online

Data collected by automatic means

Information gathered online includes information that is collected automatically as well as information that is personal and manually entered by the customer.

The data collected automatically during the use of the Platform will be used for the sole purpose of obtaining statistical information and checking the correct functioning of the virtual store. Some of these include, for example, the pages that the Clientviews on the website, information about the type of browser, IP address of the customer, among others.


ANDEAN's online store uses Google Analytics, a tool that uses temporary files created on each navigation device - called "cookies" - to store information for different purposes. These include knowing the Customer's purchasing preferences - such as the categories and products recently viewed - and storing the products they wish to purchase in the shopping bag.

Personal data provided by the customer

The Clientmust register his/her personal data - if he/she has not previously created an account - in order to execute the  Purchase Order. The personal information that must be included in the registration includes  name and surname, national identity card (DNI)/Carné de Extranjería (CE)/Registro Único de Contribuyentes (RUC), gender, date of birth, telephone number, address, district, province and department. These fields may vary depending on the country where the Clientresides.

Also, depending on the payment method selected, data such as credit card number, expiration date and credit card verification code may be required. 

Use of information gathered online

The gathering of information through the Platform has three main objectives:

  • Process and validate the Purchase Order accordingly.
  • Establish timely communication with the Client to provide the necessary support in the event of any unforeseen problem.
  • Keep the Client updated on the brand's products, services, campaigns, offers or other marketing activities.

Transmission of the Information

In order to provide the Clientwith a secure purchasing process, the Company has an agreement with an external online payment service provider.

The data provided by the Clientwill be shared with the provider for the sole purpose of providing the service, which includes the processing of payments and the validation of transactions through an anti-fraud system, in order to minimize the risk of phishing the cardholders' identity.

By making a payment under the "Credit Card Payment" mode, the Clientauthorizes  confidential treatment of the information by the supplier. Personal, credit card and purchase data are encrypted on the Internet and are thus protected.

Client Rights

By registering his/her personal data on the Platform, the Client expressly gives  consent to the Company to use this for the purposes described in this policy. This information can be edited for the purpose of correctly processing future purchase orders.

If the Client so wishes, he/she  can stop receiving emails with marketing content from the brand.

To do so, please contact

Messages relating to the use of the account and/or other administrative notifications may be dispensed with provided that the account is deleted, for which the Client must communicate this decision by e-mail.

Update of Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy. However, the changes will be made on the basis of the provisions of the applicable legislation and ensuring, above all, the protection of personal data and Client satisfaction.


If the Client has any questions, comments or concerns about the Privacy Policy governing the operation of this Platform, the Client may contact the Company through the Client Service line +51 54 60 3000, extension 504 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 5 pm) or by e-mail to

Payment methods

Once the items of choice have been added to the Shopping Bag, the Client must register his/her  details so that  the corresponding payment can be made in any of these modalities:

  • Direct payment at the bank.
  • Payment by Credit/Debit Card.

Direct payment at the bank

Before closing the  purchase and having entered his/her   personal and shipping data, the Client will select the bank , and the Platform will provide the Client  with the total amount to be cancelled, the number  of the  account, the transaction code, name and/or ID number and the payment terms to which the transaction is subject. The latter shall include, if necessary, the period of time after which the user can make   the deposit.

Once the Purchase Order has been completed -which will remain as pending payment until the deposit has been validated- and the waiting period -if indicated- has elapsed, the Client may make the payment at the bank agency, agent or Internet bank of the selected entity. To do this, the Client shall provide the account number, transaction code and make the deposit for the exact amount stated in the Purchase Order. The bank will issue a physical or electronic voucher (proof of payment), which guarantees the transaction and this must be kept, as it is an indispensable document in the event of future disagreements.

In this modality, the Client will have a maximum term of (05) days to make the corresponding payment. After this time, and if the amount has not yet been cancelled, the Purchase Order will be cancelled and the selected products will be released from the reserve generated by this order. The Company is not responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of this cancellation.

The Company will periodically monitor its accounts in order to verify the payments made to date, which is why it is of vital importance and it is the Client´s  sole responsibility to correctly provide the information indicated above (account number, transaction code, exact amount in soles).

Once the payment and the Purchase Order have been reconciled, the dispatch process will begin, from which the period associated with the delivery method begins to run (dispatch by courier).

In the event of a problem with the payment, a Company Sales Assistant will contact the Client as soon as possible.

Payment by Credit/Debit Card

The products offered on this platform are sold safely. To provide this guarantee to the Client, the Company has an agreement with an external provider of online payment services, with extensive experience and presence in high growing markets.

The data provided by the Client will be shared with the provider for the sole purpose of providing the service, which includes the processing of payments and the validation of transactions through an anti-fraud system, in order to minimize the risk of phishing the cardholders' identity.

By making payment through  this method, the Client authorizes the confidential treatment of the information by the supplier. Personal, credit card and purchase data is encrypted on the Internet and is thus protected.

The Company, on the other hand, is not responsible for any fees that credit card operators may charge.

The credit/debit cards through which payment can be made are:

  • Amex (American Express).
  • Master Card.

Before closing the purchase and having entered  the personal and shipping data, the Client will enter his/her credit card data, which will be charged to  the total amount provided by the Platform.

The confirmation of the Purchase Order will be carried out once the corresponding instance verifies that the payment has actually been made. For this purpose, the company has a virtual account, provided by the payment system provider, through which the status of the transactions made by the Client can be consulted in real time.

With the confirmation ready, the dispatch process starts, after which the period associated with the chosen delivery method begins to run.

In the event of a problem with the payment, a Company Sales Assistant will contact the Client as soon as possible.

Product delivery

In order for the product to be shipped successfully, that is, in an adequate and timely manner, the Client must provide the correct information at the time of executing the Purchase Order.

The recording of erroneous or incomplete data that leads to  improper processing , is  sole responsibility of the Client. This may even result in cancellation of the order if the Company deems it appropriate.

The delivery time of the order is counted from the moment the confirmation of payment of the Purchase Order is validated. The length of this period will depend on:

  • The address of delivery .
  • The form of delivery

The ANDEAN online store offers a delivery method:

Dispatch by Courier

This alternative implies different delivery times. The Platform will communicate to the client, depending on the department/province/district stated in the address, the maximum time in working days that the order will take to arrive at this location (7 working days).

The delivery period begins to run from the moment the Company has the validation of the payment made, whether it has been made directly in banks or through a credit/debit card. In the event of any inconvenience, a Company Sales Assistant will contact the Client as soon as possible.

Likewise, shipping costs are subject to the shipping destination and the size of the consolidated order. These will be calculated automatically by the Platform and informed to the client before the payment is made.

The order must be received by an adult, who will identify him/herself with his/her name and national identity card (DNI) in physical form and will sign the reception voucher to accredit  conformity of delivery.

The Company will continuously monitor the orders shipped in order to ensure that they reach their destination within the agreed time. However, delivery may not be possible due to any of the following situations:

  • The delivery address was not located because its registration in the Platform was carried out in an incorrect or incomplete manner.
  • No occupants were found at the delivery address at the time of delivery.

Once informed of the inconvenience, the Company will contact the Client via email and/or telephone to reschedule the delivery date. The additional costs involved in this reprogramming will be borne by the customer.

In case the Client requires additional information on the shipping status of the  order, he/she can contact the Company through the Client Service line (+51 54 60 3000 annex 504), which is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00  and from 14:00 to 17:00 hrs. Peruvian time; or send an e-mail to


The Company shall not be liable under any circumstances for any possible inconvenience that may arise from the provision of delivery services for products provided by external suppliers.

Also, in the event that the products purchased by the Client do not have available stock, an e-mail will be sent to the Client informing  of the situation, and he/she will be free to cancel the order or make a new one through the Platform